Sunday, March 11, 2007

Easy Way to Become A Billionaire!

Age: 33

Fortune: self made

Source: Google

Net Worth: $16.6 bil

Country Of Citizenship: United States

Residence: Palo Alto, California , United States, North America

Industry: Technology

Marital Status: single,

Education: University of Maryland, Bachelor of Arts / Science
Stanford University, Master of Science

Age: 34

Fortune: self made

Source: Google

Net Worth: $16.6 bil

Country Of Citizenship: United States

Residence: San Francisco, California , United States, North America

Industry: Technology

Marital Status: single,

Education: University of Michigan, Bachelor of Arts / Science
Stanford University, Master of Science

With partner Sergey Brin (see), cofounder of searching phenomenon Google. Met Brin at Stanford while pursuing graduate degrees in computer science; dropped out, launched famed search engine in 1998. Raised $25 million from starmaker venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital. Recruited longtime tech exec Eric Schmidt (see) to run company. Took public in 2004; stock up 420% since. Sales: $10.6 billion, net margin 30%. Extended reach into satellite mapping, online payment systems, news. Founders have seen their net worth soar 130% in 2 years, outpacing early years of Bill Gates, Larry Ellison. Both have more than $2 billion outside of Google stock. Promising to "do no evil" with their riches; plan to pour $1.2 billion into Google's charitable organization.

Easy Way to Become A Billionaire!
They are the example of billionaires. :) They got no. 26 in Forbes. Can we be like them?? Is there an easy way to become a billionaire? :) Actually becoming a billionaire is simple. If u do all the things I listed below, you can become a billionaire with a bit of hard and smart work. :)

1st of all you must "Think" like a billionaire. It is the most important part because your mind will control your body to act. So beginning with your mind is essential. If you do'nt begin with your mind your plan will go wrong even it is almost perfect. It's the same if you wanna be a rich or a millionaire too. :) Think like a billionaire means you must think the exact way a billionaire thinks. To do that, maybe you can read interviews with them, buy their books and learn from a billionaire in your town. Or you can also buy Donald Trumps book, How to think like a Billionaire.

2nd one is, to act like a billionaire. What we have in mind is to use big car, buy big houses, and live like a rich. That is wrong! That is the way they act now after they became a billionaire. If we do like that we will be poor faster than we think. LoL. "Act like them" means, when we make business or investing, do like they do. They must have some secret and they also have some kind of special skills that made them a billionaire. Always learn from ppl who have experience and it will shorten down our learning curves.

After doing those 2 steps, now you need to find an idea. An idea that can make a billion. :) You can learn from Google, McD, and many more big businesses all over the world. You can come with anything, product, services, or food and beverages, oil and gas, gold and silver, anything. But make sure it is a new idea that nobody in the world had starten it yet. So you can grow faster and bigger. :)

the final one is, to sell the idea with a ratio you can make yourself that can reach $1,000,000,000 . For example, $10 per product : 100,000,000 ppl which means $10 profit for a product that you can sell to 100,000,000 of ppl. Is it possible? Think about it. The world population now is 6 billions and still increasing. 100Milllion is only 2% of it. Ok maybe you find it a bit hard. So how about we increasing the left side of the ratio to make it easier. For example $1000 per product : 1,000,000 ppl. You see the number in the right is low now. :) And it is only 0.2% of world population. :)

Or you can think about it yourself. Like McD franchises, for example $50,ooo per franchise : 20,000 franchise owner all over the world. For example in real estate, it is always easier to become a billionaire, you can build your own buildings and sell it, maybe for a ratio $100,000 net profit per building : 10000 ppl. So you need to find an idea that can support this ratio. And if you can continue doing this all your life, maybe you will also be listed in Forbes one day. :)

So good luck for all of us. Think like a billionaire!!


Tom said...

Are you apply all these tips into your own life? Did you already be a billionaire?

abu_muadz said...

thanks for the comment tom.. :)

Well actually I'm going to try these tips after I finish my study.. Now I'm still learning how billionaires thinks and acts..

After finish my degree, all I need to do is taking a baby step. :) Maybe I'll open a small business, or doing some real estate. No need to rush, coz it will make us tired before we finish. A lesson we can learn from marathon. :)

From these small steps it will lead me one day to become a billionaire.. :) Famous saying, A 1000miles begin with a single step. That is all i need to do now. :) And keep learning about businesses and money.

These tips are easy simple points to remember and to exercise our brain to think always about the idea of the ratio.. :) Why don't u give it a try? Maybe you will find some great idea.. :)

zaki said...

Wah...good article...At least I know something on how they become filthy rich....

Keep up posting good stuff like this...i like it

Selamat belajar!!!

Roman said...

Keep in mind that google doesn't charge for most of its services and it started as a simple search engine.
Money is value and to generate value you must give value. It is a reciprocal process. The real (net) value of your product for your clients is determined by theoretical value minus price.

For example, if Person A thinks the product is worth much less than the price, he won't buy it.

On the other side, if the product is worth a lot and is offer for free, he will talk about it and suggest it to his friends and relatives (google case). And after a while you would have so many clients that you will find other ways to use this potential to generate income (google case).

While a brilliant idea would ease things up, you could also concentrate on offering better service for less which would produce same effect...

I follow your blog. Take care!

Martin Saenz said...

Nice post. The formula is very simple, however so hard for so many people. I hope to God that I have the billionaire mindset. Only time will tell if someone has it.


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farouk said...

very good article

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm you are hotlinking images from Forbes, in my opinion that's not a good businessman or good billionaire attitude.

You use resources from other for your own interest that might cost them. No matter how small or big that is. It is not fair.

Please host those pictures here at Blogspot, and give photo credit links for Forbes. That would be fair enough.

Everybody can be a billionaire, but I am not sure being a good billionaire is easy to do.

There are more to learn than just steps and tips.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

You think you're going to become a billionaire like the 6,000,000,000 do.