Saturday, March 10, 2007

It Doesn't Take MONEY to be RICH!

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SUBWAY was started by a 17-year-old boy who have no money, to find some money out of nothing and pay for the college fees. Now you can find Subway all over the world with about 27,000 restaurants.

:) Do you believe in that fact? Well it is true but we always don’t realize about it. We always complain of not having much money to feed our family, or for our own expenses. And we have no idea on how to get more money. We tried to save our money in the banks, but finally we use it because we need to cover all of our bills, expenses and debts. Or, even if the money stays in the bank, it will become a loss due to the inflation rates the longer it stays in there.

We also tried to make small businesses such as MLM, or Home-based Business by using our savings as the capital, but they also don’t work. Even if we make money from there, we still feel it is not enough. Instead, we don’t have much time to spend for our family and friends. Then we heard about some interesting offshore investments with a big profit but also need a big money or FOREX that can be easily done in the internet. We also join that and spend all of our savings but in the end, it also doesn’t make us rich. What is the problem that we can’t detect which is holding us from being rich?

You can also see a man with a high paycheck but actually he is also not rich. They only look rich in the appearance by having big cars, big house, smart looking business suit, etc but the truth is, all their paychecks are used to pay all the bills and debts behind the good looking “assets” they have shown us.

A man cannot be considered as rich if they get $20,000 paycheck every month if their expenses are $21,000. All of these examples show us that money CANNOT make us rich. So what will make us rich??

It is almost no money needed to make us become rich. What we need to have to be rich is..

1. Desire. Our desire and willingness to become rich and it is in our heart. If you have no feelings to become rich, and you like the way you are living now with all debts around you, for sure you won’t get rich.

2. Brain. But desire itself won’t make us rich. You also need to think about how to become rich. And it’s your mind, your brain that we are talking about. Our brain is the best thing that God had given us, so use it wisely.

3. Knowledge. But thinking itself also won’t make us rich if we don’t learn from somebody else who is already rich as our mentor. We need to learn, and never give up until we get our dream. We need to increase our financial literacy. We need to know how the game of money works. And money other things we need to know to get rich.

4. Mistakes. Fails and mistakes are always hard to face but we need them to make us rich.

Many of us avoid making mistakes and if we made some, we will blame others, feel upset, angry and anything else. But for us to be rich, mistake is a great teacher, and there are so many things that we can learn from it. So make mistake, learn from the, and get back on the track. Mistakes will only lead us to success if we are optimistic. I like the saying by Rich Dad “Losers quit when they fail, winners fail until they succeed” and it always true. Giving up, blame others, not admit your mistake will only make us a loser. But stop and think, and learn from the mistake will expand our abilities, knowledge and our experience, and as the result we will get richer and richer. And I think one day when we are relaxing in our big house, we will thank ourselves of the mistakes we had made. :D

5. And the final step is action. Which is the main point many people had missed and don’t do. Some of us have the desire to become rich, good business ideas and plans, a mentor to learn from, and also the knowledge needed in making business but the only thing that is still not done is ACTION. So, take action now!

I will sum up all of these points in a formula below.

ACTION x (desire + brain + knowledge + mistakes) = RICH

And the good news, all of them are always FREE.
Good luck!


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aldrin said...

yes i agree that we learn from our mistake.there is also another way of becoming rich it is here

aldrin said...

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jay said...

Well, That's particularly true. Actually I have also started my own blog about money matters so I can also help some people dreaming about becoming rich but don't take an action to become one.